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Ending anxiety, depression and stress - without drugs.

Contact me directly at (310) 428-2714 or email [email protected]

Fyera!® Coaching

"Fyera" (Pronounced "Fee-air-ah"): is a great feeling in your heart, an inner knowing and alignment that nothing can take away. "Fyera" is the opposite of stress!

Welcome to feeling better, more often.

At 17 years old, while in a mental institution, the famous doctor Patch Adams made a choice. He decided he would never again have another bad day in his life. He recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of that choice, having lived true to it ever since. How would it be to be able to choose the same thing?

Congratulations. You have chosen to put your attention on the most important investment in your life- YOU!

If you have any questions, contact me directly at (310) 428-2714 or email [email protected]. I look forward to being with you on your journey!


$300 for a single hour
$1000 for a 4 session package/ 6 hours (includes emWave as a gift!) - a $1000 savings
$4800 for the full course- 16 sessions/ 24 hours includes all materials (and the emWave as a gift!) - a $2600 savings

Please remember that we require 24 hour notice to change appointments, and that missed appointments or last minute cancellations will require payment in full. Thank you!

HeartMath® will be the context holding your coaching experience. Fyera! is licensed by HeartMath, where researchers have proven that positive feeling states not only feel good but are good for you. At Fyera! we give individuals and health care providers a scientifically proven road map to feeling great and sustaining that, no matter what.

97% of all visits to health care providers can be directly linked to stress.

In the Fyera! Basic HeartMath coaching you will learn how to take charge of your health and your life, becoming your own internal pharmacist by mastering your emotions and your stress. Advanced and executive coaching are also available.

    Feeling good creates a distinctly ordered rhythm in the heart which facilitates:
  • improved brain function
  • enhanced immunity
  • synchronization of the nervous system (in charge of 97% of your body�s functions)
  • balanced hormones
  • increased energy and stamina
  • better sleep
  • optimum weight
  • regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar
  • clearer thinking and decision making
  • pain relief
  • more efficient heart rhythms
  • slowing of signs and symptoms of aging
  • emotional centeredness
  • access to intuition
  • mental clarity
  • peak performance on the job or at school
  • improvements in professional and personal relationships
  • more effective time management
  • dramatically improved communication
  • reversal of many of the underlying causes of anxiety, depression, and stress

Through Fyera! Coaching you will
Learn the science and physiology behind feeling good.
Learn the science and physiology of what gets in the way of feeling good: ie stress.
Learn how to feel better more often by transforming stress, and receive ways to help those you love do the same.
Receive a biofeedback technology called an emWave® Personal Stress Reliever - that actually shows you your heart rhythms in real time.
Learn a proven way to neutralize stress, on the spot, engaging with life (no yoga mats, special diets, expensive vacation cruises, herbs or vitamins, twisting yourself into a pretzel or locking yourself in a meditation hall needed).
A proven way to lower stress hormone levels and increase rejuvenation anti-aging hormone levels.

* ask about our pre and post lab testing on your stress hormone and "anti-depressant" neurotransmitter levels*

You will learn a field tested way to transform stressful situations
Gain the power to resolve miscommunication, personality conflicts, and relationship stress.
Learn why most stress management techniques fail, and what to do about it.
Learn the difference between relaxation and true stress relief, resetting the baseline of your nervous system to stop hidden stress from stealing away your health, vitality and performance.
Reduce your reactivity and fatigue, leaving you more centered, peaceful, and full of energy at the same time.
Plug energy drains and learn to recharge energy anywhere anytime.
Learn to use the "more of your brain" that most people do not access.
Learn 5 simple processes that you can use anywhere anytime to access the wisdom of your heart to maneuver through challenges and generate a life of true joy and vitality.

    The Beginner Workshop Includes:
  • An emWave PSR Biofeedback Technology
  • "Transforming Stress" by Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman
  • Heart Zones Music CD, scientifically proven to optimize heart rhythms, reduce stress hormones and increase anti-aging hormones
  • Workbook
    At the end of basic coaching, each person will know:
  • What matters most to them
  • What gets in the way of what matters most
  • How to accentuate what matters most
  • How to maximize their energy efficiency and apply that to decision making and project planning
  • How to recognize stress and understand its impacts on their physiology, job performance, and customer care
  • How to freeze stress on the spot, reversing in a matter of seconds its negative impact to achieve peak mental clarity, insight, and emotional balance
  • How to conquer the leading cause of stress through effective communication
  • How to build energy reserves by activating appreciation and care
  • How to neutralize challenging situations
  • How to plan and vision to minimize stress and its impacts and maximize performance and results
  • How to create more fun for themselves and others.

"Sheva provided me with tools and a level of empathy and insight into my experience that was astonishing. At times, Sheva's methods struck chords of truth with me that will never leave and empowered me to continue on my healing path."

Dani Katz, author

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