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The Heart of Independance Day!
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Fourth of July fireworks This past week both countries of which I am a citizen celebrated their independance days- Canada on July 1, and the United States on July 4. For many these days have come to mean an extra day off from work, pretty fireworks, and a chance to pull out the barbecue and get it working for the summer.

Yet rooted in the original purpose of celebrating these holidays was freedom- freedom from external opression, freedom to determine one's own path in life, freedom to establish a new way of being and living that could be independant of old morals, old rules, old heirarchies, old ways. The true root of "Independance Day" is something the heart, when we know how to tap into its power, intelligence and presence, gives us every day. The heart offers us continual freedom from our own mechanical reactions to life events that keep us from spontaneous and direct contact with the truth of who we are. In that, the heart frees us to live with passion, to speak our truth, to follow our bliss, and to do so with sustenance, self care, and contribution to others. The heart frees us from the optical delusion of our separateness and allows both our own joy and our world service to collide. That's where real fireworks can happen! Check out our beginner class to find out more!

Some years ago, when Afghanistan was in civil war with its opressive ruling class called the Taliban, I had come through a series of heart coincidences (click here to read the full story) to work with women in the country. I taught them HeartMath via letters which I e-mailed to refugees in Pakistan, who translated my words into three Afghan languages and smuggled them into the Afghanistan to be distributed in clandestine schools for women and girls. Below is a letter I sent to them on the day of their own country's "Independance", celebrated at that time under the oppressive Taliban dictatorship.

"Dear Friends and Sisters in Afghanistan,

What a profound time to be honoring your independance day. It requires one to really pause and reflect- what is true independance? Is it from one nation over another? One idealogy over another? Is it from a particular tyranny or system of rulership such as the Taliban? Is it receiving a divorce from an unwanted and arranged marriage, or finally graduating from school and being on your own? As I watch the plight of the beautiful people in your country, I am being shown that true independance is none of these things.

True in-depen-dance is in deepening dances with one's inner empowerment and spirit. This means that it is not about achieving independance from something external, such as a particular nation or government or job- but rather that one's own inner peace and faith is finally recognized to be independant of and unshaken by any external circumstance. In our core we all know this to be true- we have all experienced days where everything went our way and yet still we could only complain, while other days full of challenges didn't disturb us at all and left us feeling strong.
Hands & Heart
Often what determines this is just what we choose to focus our mind and emotions upon at any given moment. Are our thoughts directed by what we would choose- towards that which we love? Or are they streamlined into the ocean of external commotion? The difference between the words "dependance" and "independance" is only the word "in." Go inward, my friends, in to your own hearts, to find your true independance as your nation struggles for its outer freedom. When you find independance first from within, regardless of what happens externally you win.

All my love, Shevajan"

In honor of our North American days of Independace, this week's HeartStart call will focus on the true independance offered through the power of the heart. Tune in tonight to hear more, or register for our beginner class which continues tomorrow!


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