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Lifting the Veils
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I recently dropped my cell phone in the toilet. As one friend of mine chuckled, I was clearly looking for a new co-mode of communication. When I called the phone company, the representative simply asked, "Did you flush it?" Apparently I am not the only one, and for some ($10,000 in plumbing costs later) it has been far worse...That made the $230 I spent on E-Bay to replace the phone look like no sweat!

wish list Until the phone arrived. And I opened it. Like a kid on their birthday tearing at the wrapping paper, I peeled back the plastic on the front cover of the phone and admired my reflection in the pristine shiny screen. Something about shiny new things so tickles the tentacles of the mind. Then I opened it up to the keyboard and larger screen inside- and gasped. The inner screen of the phone, where I could see my new address book, phone numbers, text messages, and other modern magic, was pitted with holes and scratches. My Christmas morning fervor turned to victimization in a flash.

Before I could blink my mind was racing with suspicion and paranoia. "I have been jipped by the guy on E-Bay! This phone was supposed to be brand new!"

Every time I went to text or call someone, I cringed, like reliving a failure each time you drive by the field where you lost the game. I hated having to squint around the holes and scratches to try to read incoming caller id.

My heart was onto this. It called me to appreciate having a phone at all, and to appreciate the scratches and holes as reminders not to scratch at my consciousness with feeling entitled to new things. I tried to convert my thinking to that every time I opened the phone and felt jipped. But it did not work very well- because it was my mind trying to act like my heart, rather than my true heart talking to me.

Have you ever been in a break up, or an argument with a coworker or a spouse, or a child or a friend, and you try so hard to say the right thing or think the good thing that you disconnect yourself from the real? This is the collective human tragedy. Behind every action, every thought, every word, every emotion, every behavior- is some form of love, often so distorted behind pitted scratched screens of defensive protection or agressive agendas or simmering egoic attempts to do the "right thing" and look good, that it is unrecognizable in its expression.

The pitted screen was a reflection of my own heart. Distorted. Incoherent. Obstructing the view. And the more I tried to "be good" and "in the heart," it was like my initial attempt to rub the screen back to a shiny state- it just seemed to create more scratches and cover the screen with the oil on my fingers, distorting it even more.

wish list Feelings like anger, mistrust, entitlement, fear, judgment- all forms of stress- cause incoherence in the heart's rhythm, causing us to look at the caller id of life through a distorted, pitted screen. The good news in that is this: whatever upsets you- you can be certain, by the very nature of being upset, that you cannot see it clearly. Emotional upset causes distorted perceptions and distorted behaviors, and then, like my phone screen, you cannot acurately identify what's calling in on your line.

The question is, how do we shift out of this human tragedy, where my distortion triggers your distortion and we bounce back and forth off each other? Where does the buck stop?

Researcher's from HeartMath have developed tools and technologies so simple to use that even a child can say, "The buck stops here!" Learning to create order in the heart rhythm allows anyone to get clear on the spot, see things acurately and respond appropriately.

wish list Once I finally applied a tool, instead of thought about what would happen if I applied a tool, the GPS in my heart whispered, "Why don't you take it into the phone store and see if they can do something to fix it for you?" Instead of noblizing my incoherent and illegible screen, my heart gave me a practical, common sense approach to see about getting it cleared (just as it does with my painful emotions).

When I arrived at the phone store, the first thing the woman behind the counter did was cluck her tongue at me and say, "You know, when you buy things on E-Bay it is buyer beware." I swallowed a breath into my heart, thanking God that the HeartMath tools are something you can do on the spot in the midst of stress since I did not want to have to spend 20 years in a penitentiary for manslaughter on a cell phone store technician over an E-Bay comment. In that 30 second pause in the heart, her demeanor changed. "But," she said, "this problem is easy to fix." With that, she stuck one of her pink, long manicured fingernails in between the screen and the speaker on my phone, and peeled back a thin layer of plastic on the inside screen. Holding the scratched plastic and then my phone free of it up to me, my shiny reflection that I had so longed to see the day it arrived appeared before my eyes.

Like the screen on my phone, the shiny, reflective nature of our being is always right here, when we remove the articificial layers of protection, defense, and fear that distort the view. One very effective way to lift those veils, is to work with HeartMath tools and the emWave technology. With these tools available to us, we need not settle for our distorted views of ourselves, our loved ones, our life. We can lift the veils and live in pristine love. Tune into Monday's HeartStart call to learn more.


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