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Pennies for Heaven (on Earth):
The Inifinite Capacity for the Heart To Give
Pennies from heaven

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A year ago, one of our Beginner HeartMath Webinar students called full of enthusiasm with guidance from the GPS of her heart. "I want to collect change for change!"


"I want to gather loose change for a year, and send it to Sunflower Kids in Nicaragua for them to have a frivolous fun time generating Fyera!" Rebecca's voice was so full of passion, she could have been selling a weed eater and I would have been sold. Her vivaciousness was contagious. She was lit on fire from the heart.

heart One of the central themes of our Beginner HeartMath webinar is that life is determined by our perceptions more than it is determined by our circumstances. Shifting perspective to see things through the eyes of the heart is a powerful tool, which is why our parent company HeartMath has the tagline, "A Change of Heart Changes Everything."

Rebecca had experienced a powerful perception shift, from seeing herself as someone struggling with little to give, to seeing herself as a person surrounded by resources with an overflow of abundance to share. Nothing in Rebecca's financial circumstances had changed- just her perception of them.

I was, of course, delighted by her enthusiasm, and promptly forgot that she had agreed to do this. Until the time came for her to deliver "the change". She called, dismayed, not realizing that she was in for another perception shift!

"I brought pounds and pounds of loose change to the bank to have it made into a cashier's check to send to Sunflower Kids, and it only amounted to a little more than $100." She sounded so dissapointed! I encouraged her to use the tools she had learned to shift her perspective from the heart...In Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, a very little bit can go a very long way...

4 girls As it turns out, Rebecca's "measly" $100 was sufficient to bring a group of four girls who had never owned shoes and lived on a dirt floor in a concrete shell without a roof their whole lives, into the city for the first time ever. Those girls saw buildings with marble floors and escalators (they loved the escalators!), and with Rebecca's $100 received brand new outfits (their first new clothing ever!), shoes, and had the chance to eat in a restaurant for the first time ever! Imagine the thrill for them when they got to order whatever they wanted from the menu and have it delivered to them on a platter while they sat there regally in their new clothes! The psyhcologist who works with these children said the experience was life changing for them...for $100.

Never underestimate the power of your heart. Tune into tonight's HeartStart call to hear more of Rebecca's story, and read about it in her own words below!

shoes My Grandpa (Papa) went without shoes and coat during the Great Depression when he was a child. It made such an impression on him. He has more coats and jackets than anyone I've ever seen. He keeps all his shoes in tupperware containers that are labled, so they stay perfect. They are all lined up on shelves in the bottom of his closet, two containers high per shelf. Somehow I'm always moved a little when I look at his shoes...

I had this idea after reading that the poor and the rich give the most and the middle class gives the least to charitable causes. I considered this and talked to many of my friends and family who considers themselves middle class. Some spoke of their lack and how they would like to give and don't have enough.

I thought about how physically uncomfortable I feel when I think of my "lack" or hear others speak of theirs. I decided when I gave I wanted it to feel effortless and never heavy or like my giving leads to lacking. I wanted to focus on how much there was to share instead. When I give a gift, it is a gift to me too because it feels so good!

Here is the easy way I found to start giving effortlessly: I used to tease my mom for getting excited over finding a penny. She would prance to the penny and exclaim, "I'm rich!" I decided to practice this with the intention of sharing my pennies. I was excited to give them away. When every I found them I thought of the Irving Berlin song "Pennies from Heaven". I love, LOVE, love, that song! It reminded me that existence is rich every time I found a penny. What a beautiful gift to me.

Once I ran across a woman who had been in social work and non-profit work for years. I excitedly told her I was collecting street change. She told me how unoriginal I am and that my idea has been done a lot. I noticed I quit seeing change on the street after that. Why would I kill my abundant joy because of someone else's comment? I started rejoicing in my pennies again, and they started appearing everywhere!

Jeff never spends his change, so I kept all of his change too. I told a coworker who gave me all her change. I've decided it feels so good to give effortlessly, that I want everyone who didn't think they had enough to feel this good too. I've been telling people about it. I've let my mother know she's an inspiration of penny joy!

I've actually seen people throw away pennies because, "They're just pennies,and not worth much." These pennies bring joy when you find them, joy when you turn them in at the bank and you wait to find out how much you've amassed, and joy to children in Nicaragua. The best part of all this joy is that I made it all up. It's real because I created it. That's a gift too, and it's contagious.

The teller at the bank was shocked with how much change I had. He wanted to know why I had so much. When I told him I was giving effortlessly, he wanted to tell me all the things in his life that he gave too. It was nice to hear him share. I gave him the Fyera Foundation's web page to consider giving his change.

I've found many others ways to give effortlessly since I started finding pennies. Things seem to grow that way.


"I am living from my heart more than I ever have, and life is so much easier. The challenges are actually do-able now. I attribute a lot of this change to your calls and the emwave and of course practice...Thank you Fyera!"
-Kristin, NC

"The trouble with being in the public eye as a person known for inspiring and empowering others is, where do you go when you need inspiration and advice? Sheva taught me how to access the wisdom of my own heart for that. When you've graduated from personal growth training and want to find the real power in yourself, go to Sheva. She was there through the most difficult relationship challenge of my life, guiding me to a place of self respect where I am now receiving the love I truly deserve. She is without a doubt a leader to leaders, a coach to coaches, and an inspiration to all! I am so grateful to have met you Sheva, and to continue to work with you and to watch you magic unfold in the world!" Bonnie St. John

Bonnie St. John Olympic Medalist, Author, Speaker Named by NBC as one of the five most inspiring women in the nation


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