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Back by popular demand, and for those who missed it! An interview with Regina on getting to the heart through the stomach with heart filled food!

HeartStart to Your Week, Monday, April 21st 5:00pm PST

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 The Way to the Heart is Through the Stomach? Really?

heart health One of the fun things about heart science from modern research as well as ancient traditions is that it verifies and explains longstanding metaphors, poetry and sayings about the heart in our language. HeartMath science has proven that the longstanding linguistic relationship between emotions and the heart, things such as "I felt it with my whole heart," "heartbroken," "have a heart,"" put your heart into it," "my heart sank,"" lonely heart's club," have an absolute basis in physiological reality. HeartMath discovered that emotions like love, care, peace, enthusiasm and compassion create a distinctly ordered pattern in the heart which then impacts every other body part. Whereas emotions like grief, despair, anger, frustration, and fear- i.e. stress- create a chaos in the heart's rhythm that scramble the rest of the body's functions and make for disease- i.e. a broken heart. At Fyera!,� we teach people in our Beginner HeartMath Webinar as well as in our HeartMastery Program to be able to shift to an ordered heart rhythm in any circumstance, and show them what it really means to "follow your heart" and "put your heart into it" for more health, fulfillment and success in every area of life.�

But what has this got to do with the age old phrase, "The way to a (hu)man's heart is through the stomach!"?

In Chinese Medicine, you have a superhighway system of energetic pathways called meridians which cannot be seen with the eye but can indeed be traced with radioactive isotopes to follow the exact trajectories laid out by doctors in China thousands of years ago (long before radioactive isotopes were in use). It may tickle your funny bone (or your heart meridian, which passes through the armpit) to know that and that one of these energetic pathways does indeed travel directly from the stomach to the heart. The implications of this were emphasized when I was a student in Chinese medical school, because it is not uncommon for heart attacks to occur after a huge meal or overeating, for the very reason that a traffic jam backs up along this freeway between the heart and the stomach. These heart attacks are very treatable if you know what is going on, by simply treating the stomach. �

heart stomach On a lighter note, however, this also means that there could be some validity to the old wives tale that the way to a man's heart is through the stomach. In Chinese medicine, the heart is the seat of the spirit. The stomach is where human beings have the capacity to transform food- physical substance- into love, or energy and spirit. When the stomach does that successfully, then the food we eat becomes more than flesh, it becomes fuel for our hearts and souls. Fuel for our love.

When I am onsite at HeartMath, I am always amazed by the way the food makes me feel- alive, peaceful, vibrant, caring, content. I feel when I am there that I am eating emotional morsels as well as physical ones. And I know that this is because the chefs there use, in addition to their other cooking tools like knives and pans and potholders, HeartMath tools to add love to the food through the heart.

This New Year's Eve, I had the privilege of attending a three day retreat with the Elevate Film Festival, the fastest growing conscious film festival in the world (I am now a producer of this festival, and encourage you to mark October 4 on your calendars to attend our next event virtually or live at the hot new 7,000 seat Nokia Theater in LA!). There, at the retreat center at Glen Ivy Hot Springs (where we will be holding a HeartMath weekend retreat in April- not too late to sign up!), something remarkable happened to me. The chef won my heart- through my stomach. Every time we sat down to eat, my heart filled with inexplicable joy. "This is like eating at HeartMath!" I thought to myself. "There is so much love in this food!"

I had to find the phantom behind the fabulous food, and as I peered my head into the kitchen my heart lept a beat to discover Regina, pouring love- on purpose- into the food. "I taste it! I taste it!" Regina, a computer tech geek by day (I could not believe she was not a full time professional chef?!), shared her story of falling in love with food and cooking with me. When I heard it, I said, "What a wonderful topic for a HeartStart call!" Tonight we will be interviewing Regina on her journey from, in her words, a "distant relationship to food as filling a physical need for hunger alone," to food as an exalted expression of her love and joy, and again in her words, her "spiritual journey."

Never underestimate the power of your heart. Tune into tonight's HeartStart call to hear Regina's story.

Up until 3 years ago, I would describe my relationship with food as "distant and removed."�� This was because, most often, the only reason I ate was to fill the physical need of being hungry.� It really was to serve that function only.� Certainly, I loved going to nice restaurants and having well prepared/cooked food, and in particular, I loved certain chocolate desserts and had a great appreciation for them, but that was about the extent of my relationship with food.� It was a means to an end, and sometimes the means tasted better than others.awakening experience

8 years ago, I had what I call "an awakening experience" in which I saw that it was possible to live my life without fear, and be filled with love and joy.� This awakening sparked a huge change in my life circumstances, and I wound up at a spiritual academy, being both a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles.� During that time, my relationship with food stayed exactly the same; it was a means to an end.� The focus of my life for that time was really about forgiveness and releasing the obstacles within my mind and heart to love's presence.�

When I left the academy, I moved back to So Cal and began working at a spiritual retreat center called The Glen Ivy Center.� This is an amazing place where they offer and host spiritual workshops and retreats to groups both within their community and from outside.� They have a full commercial kitchen to accommodate the 25 permanent residents, the off-campus employees and the myriad of guests they are frequently hosting.�

cooking pot It was during this chapter of my life that my experience with food began to change.� As my journey of awakening continued, I began to become acutely more aware of all the "energies"� that are constantly pulsing, moving, and living around me.� I became more aware of my relationship with everything on an energetic level.� Regarding the food at Glen Ivy, it was obvious upon moving there that the meals tasted great to my taste buds.� But then something else became noticeable, I felt really happy when eating the food.� I began to assume that it was because they use very high quality organic food, much of it grown on the property, and also because they have a kitchen staff of well-trained, professional chefs.� All of that is true.� But ultimately, I found that it was the consciousness of the people preparing the food that made all the difference.� They actually prepare and cook the food with loving intention.��That realization and experience produced a big shift in me.

I left Glen Ivy after 2 years and moved to San Fran with my partner.� I work from the home and have time in my schedule to cook our dinner every night.� This has been the greatest joy.� My entire relationship with buying food, preparing and cooking food has been totally transformed. I must admit that being in love and living with the love of my life has been a huge inspiration for me to cook us wonderful meals, filled with love.� Every day, when 5:30/6:00 PM roll around, I am so happy because it's time to turn off my laptop and go into the kitchen and begin cooking.�

I completely enjoy the experience of cooking, AND I know that I am filling both us energetically with love and joy.� It's really an incredible part of my spiritual journey!


"I am living from my heart more than I ever have, and life is so much easier. The challenges are actually do-able now. I attribute a lot of this change to your calls and the emwave and of course practice...Thank you Fyera!"
-Kristin, NC

"The trouble with being in the public eye as a person known for inspiring and empowering others is, where do you go when you need inspiration and advice? Sheva taught me how to access the wisdom of my own heart for that. When you've graduated from personal growth training and want to find the real power in yourself, go to Sheva. She was there through the most difficult relationship challenge of my life, guiding me to a place of self respect where I am now receiving the love I truly deserve. She is without a doubt a leader to leaders, a coach to coaches, and an inspiration to all! I am so grateful to have met you Sheva, and to continue to work with you and to watch you magic unfold in the world!" Bonnie St. John

Bonnie St. John Olympic Medalist, Author, Speaker Named by NBC as one of the five most inspiring women in the nation


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