We Are Building A Community Full Of Heart

We live in times of unprecedented opportunity. Never before have human beings been free to experience so much, so far away, in so little time. An average person today receives more information in a day than an average person 300 years ago would in a lifetime. With the internet that brought you to this page, you can be connected anywhere in the world in a fraction of a second.

In the context of this change, our lives no longer require us to focus on physical survival. We have replaced running on foot with air travel, hunting and gathering with online shopping, and caves with castles. But our bodies have not caught up to our technology. In many cases we are reacting to modern stressors like traffic and deadlines with the same survival software components that were designed to counterattack a predator. The problem is, this primitive system emanates from a very limited thinking.

If you take multiple brain cells from different brains, and put them in a petrie dish, they will try to connect and fail, eventually to implode on themselves and die. Hauntingly similar to our current international relations. However, if you take multiple heart cells from different hearts and put them in a petrie dish, they will actually come together and beat as one heart, indefinitely.

As a human culture we are at a critical point. The Chinese character for crisis is represented by the symbol for opportunity next to the symbol for danger. Our global opportunity is to locate, activate, and act from an intelligence that knows something about the whole, rather than personal survival and pleasure as its only goal. The nuclear age brought us to a pivotal juncture where one person or one country's survival desire can backfire and destroy the whole. We are here to offer modern intelligence for modern times and issues. We believe, based on 20 years of research, that this new, broader intelligence and the power to unlock its potential lie within the human heart.

We envision and intend to be powerful participants in creating a tipping point where the heart becomes the primary operating system of human culture, inspiring into being a global environment where coherent care for the whole is a practical and feasible goal. In our view this will lead to a quantifiably better future for the entire human family.